Management Major

Management Major Student Outcomes:

  1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the global aspects of business.
  2. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the ethical aspects of business.
  3. Students will demonstrate an understanding of effective critical thinking skills.
  4. Students will demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills.
  5. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the business core.
  6. Students will demonstrate competence in management.

The management curriculum is designed to prepare graduates to assume entry level management positions and progress in the management profession. The general management concentration is designed for those students who desire a broad introduction to the field of management.


General Management Concentration 

Management is designed for those who want a broad background in business administration and management. Graduates are prepared for operating in diverse business environments, including government, retail, manufacturing, and service organizations

 The General Management Concentration is available on-line.


Four year management plan of study


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Sport Management Concentration

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