Computer Science



Computer Science is the theoretical and scientific study of computation and its practical applications. Whether it is in the form of a traditional desktop or laptop, tablet, smart-phone, embedded system, or one of any number of emerging technologies, computers continue to become an ever greater part of our everyday lives. Computers are used in virtually every field, making Computer Science a great combination with just about any other academic interests. Computer Science majors at UT Martin learn the fundamentals of the discipline and how to apply their knowledge and skills to to develop new software tools and systems to address our society's growing technology needs, and to push the boundaries of what computers can already accomplish. Students who are interested in pursuing graduate school will have the background required to pursue graduate studies in Computer Science or related fields.


As a Computer Science student you will learn the fundamentals of the computing discipline including topics such as computer programming, mobile development, operating systems, compilers, programming language design, algorithms & computing theory, graphics, artificial intelligence, networking, and databases.

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